3 Ways In Which TapOnn Sustainable Business Cards are Saving the Planet

TapOnn Sustainable Business Cards are Saving the Planet

Business cards have been around as long as people have known the importance of business networking. They have been the most reliable tool to propagate your business. 

Thousands of us exchange millions of these cards every day but where do these come from and where do they really go? How is this networking tool altering the face of the earth and what can be done about it?

Paper business cards are made after cutting millions of trees and clearing fast stretches of forests. Loss of forest cover has been the root cause of global warming and climate change.

Now with the changing world, we feel the need to change the information on the card which leads to redesigning and reprinting. This further contributes to cutting down more trees and increasing the generation of paper waste.

Also according to research, it was found more than 80% of paper business cards are thrown away because they get lost and misplaced since they are made of paper. A study from Adobe found that 88% of business cards are thrown out within the first week.

So does that mean that the only way to save the environment is to ditch the idea of business cards altogether?

Maybe not.

There is no need to sacrifice your needs to protect the environment. Remember that every problem comes with a solution, and together WE GOT THIS. 

Presenting before you TapOnn’s smart business products, a solution to any and every need of yours and the environment, and here’s how TapOnn’s business cards are the best choice for both you and the planet.

Paperless Cards: TapOnn’s smartcards, smart coins, and pop-sockets being NFC-powered smart products, eliminate the use of paper from the process of networking Made out of high-quality reusable plastic/metals, TapOnn’s business products are 100% sustainable and environment-friendly. 

No Reprinting Required: Adding a new vertical to your business? Changed your office address? Or got promoted to Senior Manager at your job? Ditch the worries about reprinting another stack of cards by embracing TappOnn. The technology of these cards allows you to add, update or change your information at the touch of your fingertips. Visit your profile on your TapOnn app and make improvisations as you like.

Unlimited Taps: You can never put a number to the people who should know about you or your business and neither can you keep on printing cards forever. Using smart business products helps you get rid of the limitation of printing a new card for every individual. These smart products allow you innumerable taps to grow your network exponentially. It saves both your money and the planet by allowing you unlimited taps with just one card.

One Card, Many Profiles: No need of carrying around different cards for your multiple businesses. TapOnn’s smart technology allows you to create multiple profiles and activate them using the same card. This will enable you to choose which information you want to share with whom and share that using one card, without having to keep multiple cards for that purpose.

TapOnn’s products are created with a mission to not only simplify business practices but also minimize their harmful impact on the environment and promote sustainability. 

Many people across the globe have already started tapping their way into the sustainable world of networking. They are doing their bit for the planet, what about you?

Get yours today from- www.taponn.digital

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