Business Gifting Made Smarter With TapOnn!

Business Gifting Made Smarter With TapOnn!

From time immemorial gifting has been a heartfelt way to preserve the sweetness of your existing relations and build new relations on a happy note. 

But do traditional chocolate boxes or ceramic showpieces serve the same purpose?

Definitely not.

Gifting is special when gifts are unique, personalized, and have utility as well. And all these virtues come together when you indulge in smart gifting with TapOnn. 

TapOnn’s products are the new wave of smart business solutions that might just be the perfect modern gift that you need to send across to your beloved business connection, family, and friends. 

These smart products offer a number of benefits over boring, age-old, and worn-down festive gifts. 

A TapOnn digital NFC card or a smart pop-socket comes forward as a great business gift for your clients if you want to show them how much you appreciate them. 

You could gift one to a client that has just done business with you, or as a thank-you gift for all the clients that have been in business with you for years.

You can also gift this card to any of your family and friends who have just started a business.

With this card as a gift, you will be just helping them with fostering the growth of their new venture by giving them a smart and sustainable networking ecosystem

Let’s see why you should choose a TapOnn business card as a gift this festive season: 

  • Thoughtfully personalized gift

When you gift a TapOnn Card, you etch it in the receiver’s memory. TapOnn allows customers to completely customize their cards to reflect their brand color and identity best.

This means you can customize the card to effectively represent the receiver’s brand.

Pick their brand colors, and brand language, and our designers will work their magic to create cards that you can proudly gift and these people can proudly flaunt.

You can also choose from a plethora of ready-made designs that suit the personality of your receiver. Each time they use the card, they’ll remember you with a smile.

  • Simplify the networking process

What could be a better gift than something that simplifies someone’s life?

TapOnn does just that. All one has to do to share their information with TapOnn’s NFC-powered products is just one TAP. 

All their information is downloaded and saved on the device. And not just information sharing, TapOnn’s products are meant to redefine networking as a whole.

With TapOnn’s app being a one-stop solution for all their networking needs, they can easily update their information, track the activities on their links, and monitor their growth.

They can also create multiple profiles and choose what to share with whom. This means that with this card as a gift, growing a business network is now easy as a breeze for the receiver.

  • Helps in creating a Remarkable Impression

TapOnn is a gift of confidence in disguise. TapOnn cards unlike the age-old visiting cards, are smart business cards that make a great first impression.

When you give your clients or friends these cards, you give them an opportunity to build an unforgettable impression.

When your clients and friends put these smart, sleek, professional, easy-to-use cards across the table, they make a lasting impression among their potential business connections.

All they would have to do is tap their card on an NFC-enabled device and voila - their work is done! (But before, they do have to set up a profile.)

  • One Gift for a Lifetime of Business Growth: Another benefit of gifting TapOnn’s smart business cards is that it is a one-time investment that will give the receiver a lifetime of business growth.

    Once you've given this card to them, with no bar on the number of taps, they can continue tapping the card for their lifetime and keep on expanding their network. 

    With no expiry date and the ability to change information through the app, TapOnn business cards come forwards as a great facility one should resort to ensure exponential business growth. 

  • Gift for both them and Nature: When you choose TapOnn, you are also choosing to save the planet.

    TapOnn helps kill two birds with one stone - Accept technology and ditch (read, save) paper.

    Every tap brings you closer to saving thousands of trees being cut down just to end up in landfills eventually.

    This further makes TapOnn a thoughtfully curated gift that brings you across as a conscious individual.

There are a lot of gifts one receiveonnd such occasions. But they will always remember that one person who gifted them something special, unique, and useful at the same time.

So if you're looking for a way to stand out from the competition and rule B2B gifting by giving your clients a gift they'll actually use, TapOnn business cards are the way to go. 

Visit the product page to find the perfect gift for your business partner, client, or team!

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