About Us

Making networking better and connecting smarter, one Tap at a time.

Networking is the most inevitable part of every person’s life, so we thought of making it smarter and easier for you. And guess what? We did.

We are a team of passionate and experienced individuals who have a head for technology and a heart for the world. This insane combination has led to the birth of TAPONN - the synonym for smart networking.

TapOnn's Networking Eco- System

Your Digital Profile

Add evrything you want to share with your connections by simply adding it to your profile.

Update Easily

Our app lets you add unlimited information that can be updated anytime, anywhere

Save Details Instantly

Have all your connections in one place, one app

One Custom Smart Link

Virtually share the link to any one and make connection instantly

Track Insights

The insights feature lets you track your taps to understand what your connectionsare most interested in

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