4 Secrets to make successful cold messages

successful cold message


You may ask, what is the effectiveness of cold messages? If you pitch it correctly, there are high chances to convert them. We live in a digital era where everyone is looking for an opportunity to make valuable connections. Stay with us while we uncover the secrets of a successful cold message.

Remember this one statement and we bet it will change your cold messaging game for good. 

Make it about them before you make it about you.

How to make it about them?


Call it human psychology or anything but Adding a person’s name always helps in catching the eye. A name is a person’s Identity and everyone favours to be known by that. 


Remember everyone like the praise of their work, so make sure you do that to grab the attention. 

Research a bit about their business or add something relevant as per their recent post or blog, this will show your genuineness to connect with them.

Provide Value

If you know that field or business, try giving a suggestion or feedback, this will help them understand that you know that field. 

For example- If you are a website designer, try giving valuable feedback including details or a good tip to depict your proficiency. 

These easy steps will help you grab the attention of the other person and will increase their chances of reading your message further.

The next step is to tell them about You. 

Add a bit about yourself but Never overdo it.

A cold message should always be short. Do not add any irrelevant or unnecessary information that may cause ambiguity reducing your chances to get a convert.

Here’s how you can wisely tell about yourself and your Product.

For example- As a Social media manager, I understand how daunting it can be to be active in real-time & so recently I started using the software ABCD which helps in scheduling everything beforehand. Safe to say it has made my life so much easier. 

For example- As an entrepreneur, I understand how daunting yet Important it is to develop networks and connections & so I recently started using TapOnn which helps in sharing all my social contacts and work portfolio at once. Safe to say it has made my life so much easier.

Time to Add Call to Action 

To show what you have and how you can be a great network to them share Your tapOnn link so that all your social details & work portfolio can be shared at once. This will give them a better understanding of you and your Product/service. 

How to get that link? 

Download the app for free

Add the information/ portfolio you would like to share.

Add the link with the CTA message

This will help them to get a better idea about you & will make you stand out from the crowd.

 Pro tip- Either end your message with a question or ask about scheduling a call or something like “ Feel free to reach out if you have any questions” or 

“ please let me know if there’s anything I can help you with”  

I or Looking forward to connecting with you. 

Follow up

Among humongous piles of messages, your message can likely be lost or unobserved. So a follow-up message along with a friendly reminder can be an effective tool to regain attention. 

Do you want us to share some follow-up templates with you? 

Let us know in the comments. 

Another protip would be to not be Aggressive with follow-ups, be patient, and give the other person some time. 


It’s completely okay to not get a reply every time. Keep experimenting with new techniques and strategies to see what works for you. Keep monitoring and tailoring messages as per your need. 

Remember, successful cold messaging is all about building relationships and providing value, so focus on creating a positive and helpful interaction that will make the recipient want to engage with you further.

If you are someone looking to expand their network, switch to TapOnn that lets you connect & share everything you want with just a Tap on other person’s device. 

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