How To Network Efficiently At A Business Event

Network Efficiently At A Business Event

Network Effectively at a Business Event: 4 Ways a Smart Business Card Can Help

In the post-pandemic world, hiding behind the screens and having virtual connections isn’t enough. 

With everything hitting back to physical mode, it is also important that you take your business physically amongst people and learn ways to make the best out of a business networking event

But the question stands - how to network effectively at a business event?

How do you not let the people you meet at the event ghost you?

To begin with, by not expecting them to keep your visiting card like a memoir. 

In the era of everything instant, your potential leads will always be too busy to actually type in your contact details. 

Growing your network at a business conference is easy once you embrace Smart Networking.

How to Network Smartly at Business Conferences

If a business conference is an ocean of opportunities, smart networking products are your raft.

At a business conference, you get to meet a lot of people. The efficient use of smart business NFC cards to network at such business events help you tap the potential of the crowd, instantly and effectively.

For over a decade now, business cards have been an indispensable part of every professional event. 

But at the same time, a major percentage of them get thrown out during the first week of receiving them. 

Moreover, a traditional business card comes with a set of limitations that restrict you from building a true connection with your potential client/customer.

That’s where TapOnn comes in. 

TapOnn's smart business products complemented with a user-friendly mobile application offer you the ecosystem to not only build a network while at a business event but sustain it and efficiently convert it. 

The wide range of smart networking products from NFC-powered digital business cards to smart pop-sockets let you share as much information as you want, gives you the opportunity to track your growth, and hence, stay at the top of your associates' minds.  


What is an NFC Business Card/Smart Business Card?

Smart Business cards are cards that allow instant sharing of information with the help of Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology.

With just one tap, these digital cards let you share your personal/business contact information including your business website, social media profiles, portfolio, work links, and other relevant information with just one tap.

4 ways Smart Business Products Help You Make 10x More Out of a Business Conference.

  • This is your chance to be professional. 

While getting ready for your first business conference/meeting you think twice about everything, clothes, shoes, and even what words you use.

Then why would you compromise on your business card? 

TapOnn’s digital business cards exhibit professionalism like nothing else. Both - their appearance and utility allow you to look professional and organised.

The NFC-powered smart cards, pop-sockets, and smart coins by TapOnn allow you to share your information with one tap with anyone.

This saves you from the clumsy job of carrying a stack of visiting cards in your pockets and fumbling through them while meeting every person. 


  • Can be an ice breaker in any conversation

Talking at a business event can be intimidating. The best way to start a conversation at networking events is by bringing something that gets people talking. 

TapOnn’s products being powered by cutting-edge technologies are a relatively hot cake in the market that intrigue people when they come across the products. 

These digital networking tools come forward as a great way to introduce yourself at a business event.

Use this as a chance to break the ice, position yourself as a tech geek and then subtly drive the conversation toward your business


  • Quality content with a smart business card

While traditional business cards only carry a limited amount of information, the Smart Business Card excels at quality content in an appropriate quantity.

You are free to add or subtract any piece of information from your business card now. It's not just a square piece of paper anymore. 

Besides, if you present yourself as a person who knows how to use technology for the benefit of his business, everyone at that conference will be thinking of you as a quality-assured business person, not a rookie. 


  • Sustain and Convert The Network

The job of networking at an event doesn’t end there, it starts there. Building a connection at a business event is followed by the most important tasks of sustaining them and eventually converting them. 

Verbal interactions might fade away, and visiting cards might get lost, but with smart networking products, you make a way to their contacts instantly.

Moreover, the app is where networking business happens. It lets you track when and which of your links were most interacted with.

So now you know whether or not your recent connections are exhibiting their interest in your business, and you can design your plan of action accordingly.


  • It's a step forward for the environment. 

Nothing brings people together like a shared global concern, and one such global concern that requires immediate attention is saving paper.

Traditional visiting cards cause double harm to the planet by promoting deforestation and contributing to paper-waste generation.

But, with technology, we need to worry about one less thing.  

Smart Business Products are the most convenient and sustainable way to eliminate unnecessary paper waste and make a difference. 

Moreover, people are now much more environment-conscious and they also value other like-minded people.

So when you embrace smart networking, you also come across as a socially responsible business person.


Business networking events are the best possible way to introduce your business to a host of people and drive the conversation as you desire.

It is an opportunity to build a network that can help skyrocket your business growth.

With TapOnn, this task becomes easier, smarter, and faster. Explore the world of smart networking with TapOnn and grow your network exponentially with the aid of its digital yet affordable smart products. 

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