4 Ways To Grow Your Network Like a Pro

4 Ways To Grow Your Network Like a Pro
In less than 45 days, we are stepping into a new year, the year 2023. Yet many of us are still using the old tricks to expand our business network.

When we get sick and run home, do we always perform the treatment that our grandmothers tell us?

No. We also undergo medication that our doctor suggests. In that way, we have double the chance of getting better! Then why do we always stick to just the tried and tested networking methods?

Do not get us wrong, the old methods of networking with people are good, but how can you improve them in the age of technology?

Let's explore all the ways to help you do effective networking.

Here are four tips that could help you land good deals in the future.

Create a tempting first impression

You might turn out to be a great friend or business-connection at later stages of your relationship with people, but if you do not step up your game in the first exchange of cards, no one’s going to know that amicable side of yours.

For instance, you create a situation where they cannot say no to your idea. You give them straightforward but polite answers, just enough words to explain yourself, and judging by the situation, maybe drop a relevant joke or two.

And before you walk out of the room, you tap your card on the phones of all important members in the room.

Do you think an event like that would fade from their memory soon?

Maybe not.

Learn the art of reading people

One effective networking tip that can be given to any new or old business is that more is not always better.

You might attend a huge meet-and-greet party but not benefit from it at all.
This is because what matters is "quality over quantity."

The art of reading people will let you discover who are the ones that will genuinely be an asset to you.

Having 100 relevant people on your side is better than having 1000 irrelevant ones.

Social Network is the key

Social networking sites like LinkedIn or Twitter, where you professionally reach out to people are excellent ways to expand your horizon.

These sites help you voice your opinion and build a connection that you can benefit from at some stage of your career.

Joining groups with similar career fields and backgrounds can help support collective learning as well. 

The power of connection and reconnection

Imagine you meet a great potential investor; what will you do in that situation? 

Well, you get past your fear of meeting new people by introducing yourself and your work.

And, how do you do that smartly without getting intimidated?

By tapping your smart business card on their smart phone. Remember, if you do not reach out first, you might lose a chance forever. 

You should also remember that re-connecting is as important as connecting. Do not wait for them to reconnect with you.

Many times, we forget to write back to that one email, or we hesitate to send one message and lose a potential client.

Stay fresh in their memory by taking a step of generously reaching out to them 


Now that you know how to connect better with people in the modern era, you should also know about the wonders technology has brought to your fingertips.

Before you think this is a future idea, no, it's not. 

TapOnn has brought to you the ease of sharing your business information with anyone, anywhere, without any hassle! Its host of smart NFC-powered products, including smartcards, smart coins, and pop-sockets, allow you to network in a faster, smarter, and definitely more sustainable fashion.

The best part is the receiver can access your information without downloading any additional application. 

With only a single tap of your card on any NFC-compatible smartphone, you can share your business details with someone and create an unforgettable impression.

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