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Unlock your networking potential with TapOnn

Complete Digital Profile

Users can compile all their professional information in one place on TapOnn, including contact details, social links, business information, brochures, videos, and custom links.

Multiple Profiles Creation

TapOnn enables users to effortlessly create multiple profiles tailored to different purposes or audiences. This flexibility allows users to share specific information relevant to each profile with ease.

Real-Time Information Editing

TapOnn allows users to update and edit their profile information in real time. Whether it's a change in contact details or an update to business information, users can ensure their profile remains accurate and up to date at all times.

Efficient Lead Management

TapOnn serves as a centralized platform for users to collect and manage leads seamlessly. From networking events to online interactions, users can store and organize all their leads within the app for efficient follow-up and nurturing.

Unique Link and Custom QR Code

Users can generate a unique link and custom QR code for their TapOnn profile, simplifying digital sharing and networking efforts across various platforms and settings.

Insightful Analytics

 TapOnn provides users with detailed analytics on their profiles and connections, including where they are connecting with other users. These insights help users understand their networking activity, identify engagement opportunities, and optimize their networking strategy.

Some added benefits 

AI-Powered business card scanner

Virtual background

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