Make your Digital Profile 5x More Effective

Make your Digital Profile 5x More Effective

In today's digital world, your online presence is your calling card. It's how potential employers, clients, or even friends get to know you before they meet you. That's why having a strong digital profile is more important than ever. But simply having a profile on every platform isn't enough. You need a profile that's effective, engaging, and truly reflects you.

Here's where TapOnn comes in. TapOnn's digital profile features go beyond the basics, allowing you to create a profile that's 5x more effective.This blog highlights how you can make your digital profile more effective with Taponn.

How to make a digital profile on TapOnn?

If you have not made your digital profile yet, here are the steps to make a profile on TapOnn:


Head to the App Store or Play Store and download the TapOnn app.

Download the Taponn app


Sign up for TapOnn using your preferred style. Most Common is Otp Login through Phone number.

Sign up to create your digital profile


Your basic digital profile is ready. Now, you can make changes to the profile to make it more engaging and effective.

Get your TapOnn profile

How to make your profile more effective?

Now, since you are done with your basic profile, here is how you can optimise your digital profile:

Craft a Compelling Bio

Write a crisp and engaging bio that tells your story. Choose from over 40 icons to represent your skills, experience, and interests. Add a variety of links to your website, portfolio, social media profiles, and more.

Make your bio customised on profile

Drag and Drop Your Profile Links

Arrange your profile icons as per your priority with the drag-and-drop feature. For example, you can list social media profiles which you want to highlight on the top and rest in bottom rows.

Use drag and drop feature to manage your social media links

Customise Profile Icons

You can customise icons in your social media links according to your brand image or as per your own choice. Customised icons will provide a unique look to your digital profile.

How to customise your profile icons?

Follow these steps to customise your social media icons:

STEP 1: Open your digital profile on TapOnn application.

STEP 2: Choose any icon that you want to customise and click over it.

STEP 3: Click on ‘Edit’ option.

STEP 4: Click on ‘Change icon’ option and upload the image that you wish to place as the icon. 

How to customise your social media profile icons?

Share your Profile

TapOnn empowers you to share your profile effortlessly through multiple methods:

Custom Profile Link

Share a unique and personalised link that leads directly to your TapOnn profile. Add this link to your email signature, social media bios, or anywhere you want people to find you online. With a custom link, there's no need to explain or remember complex usernames – a single click takes viewers straight to your profile.

Customise your profile link on TapOnn

Scan QR Code

Generate & Customise your QR code that's like a digital business card. Anyone with a smartphone camera can scan the code and instantly access your profile.

Share your profile with QR code

Offline QR

TapOnn offers a revolutionary feature – an offline QR code! This code works even without an internet connection. Imagine sharing your profile at trade shows, job fairs, or even remote locations with limited internet access. Anyone with a QR code scanner app on their phone can access your profile and be impressed, regardless of their internet situation.

How to generate offline QR code?

Follow these steps to generate an offline QR code to share your profile:

STEP 1: Open your profile on the TapOnn application. STEP 2: Click on the ‘Share’ tab. STEP 3: Activate ‘Show Offline QR’ option to generate the offline QR code.

Generate offline QR code

Create Your Dazzling Profile

By leveraging TapOnn's powerful features, you can create a digital profile that's 5x more effective. It's a profile that will help you land your dream job, grow your network, and build your brand. So why wait? Download TapOnn today and take control of your digital identity! Ready to unlock the full potential of your online presence? Download TapOnn now and start creating your dazzling digital profile!

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