Make memorable conversations in any event.

Make memorable conversations in any event.

Make memorable conversations in any event.

Must know tips from the experts

Networking is an art which if used correctly can be used to make meaningful connections with people and help expand the business to new heights. The art of networking involves building and nurturing relationships with others in a strategic and meaningful way. It goes beyond simply collecting contacts or exchanging business cards. Effective networking requires a combination of interpersonal skills, genuine interest in others, and the ability to create mutually beneficial connections. Networking has become essential in today's interconnected world, enabling communication, resource sharing, and collaborative work across different devices, locations, and organizations. Let’s dive in to the topic;

1. Research the event and participants

2. Be genuine and authentic

3. Approach open conversations

4. Make an interesting business card that engages need to follow up

5. Body language communicates much more that what words do

6. Elevator pitch

7. Don’t just network, build relationships

Research the event and participants:

This means being prepared beforehand so you’re not completely thrown off the guard with any questions or lack talking points while making a conversation. Approaching a big or small group can be intimidating. With the right approach, you can join an existing conversation or start your own successfully.

Ease into the event by introducing yourself to one person who is also flying solo and looking for someone to talk to. Ahead of time, read up on industry news and trends so you’ll be prepared to spark conversation and ask for other people's thoughts on topics that are interesting to both of you. Other great networking conversation starters include:· What do you do for work?

· What do you do for work?

· What brought you to this event?

· What do you think about the event so far?

· Are you familiar with any of the speakers?

· What are your interests/hobbies?

Approach Open Conversations:

One way to make the process a little easier is to start networking with people before you even begin looking for a job. That way, when the time comes, you will already have contacts to leverage.

Building relationships with people in your industry can help you to get your foot in the door, and it can also give you an inside look at what companies are hiring.

Be Genuine and Authentic

The 42-year-old Warikoo, a former CEO of firms like Groupon India and, is one of the bestselling authors in India today. His publisher Chiki Sarkar of Juggernaut reckons that Do Epic Shit sold around 2,00,000 copies. His Approach to networking is the sincere intention to build meaningful connections. Some key pointers to keep in mind are-

  • Be genuinely interested in others, listen actively, and show empathy. Network before job searching.
  • Come prepared with a clear goal in mind.

People can generally tell when you are pretending to interested in a conversation for the sake of it. Warikoo suggests that reaching out, acknowledging their work and how it has helped you gives a better chance of connecting with them, beyond routine conversations.

Make interesting Business card that generates curiosity

TapOnn’s digital business cards allow us to network with ease and leave a lasting impression whereas it’s smart application helps us to conveniently track the leads and other conversions. It is truly a mini website in a card. Making networking better and connecting smarter, one Tap at a time.

Body Language

When first meeting someone, nonverbal language is just as important as the words you say aloud. To make a positive impression nonverbally and indicate your desire to meet someone, you should stand up straight, make eye contact, smile and reach out to shake hands with your new contact. These small gestures indicate openness and interest in making a connection with a new person and can create a good impression as much as the details you use to introduce yourself.

Elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a brief, compelling introduction about yourself or your business that can be delivered in the time it takes to ride an elevator. In a networking context, an elevator pitch serves as a concise and impactful way to introduce yourself and make a memorable impression on others. Being prepared with an elevator pitch helps to make you ready for impromptu networking and boosts the brand value of business.

Build relationships, don’t network:

Industry expert Raj shamani is an entrepreneur who describes that the first thing most people get wrong or why they are unable to build strong networks is this ‘agenda’ of getting something out of talking to someone. Every connection that’s made over an agenda of either you getting something out of them or, worse, directly asking them for something will always fail. If you want someone to give you their time, you first need to add value. Today, if you are in trouble, your friend from school would jump in at the first chance to help you.

He’s going to do that simply because you have built a relationship with him over common interests, spent quality time together, and have been there for each other for a long. Building high-value networks are the same thing! Give them something to like you for, keep going, and keep helping. And maybe, there will come a day when they’ll help you. Networking is more giving than taking.

Creating memorable conversations requires active listening, genuine engagement, and meaningful connections. By being present, showing empathy, and asking thoughtful questions, you can make others feel heard and valued. Sharing personal stories, being authentic, and using humor can also leave a lasting impression. Using these tips you can build connections and to follow up and share details with ease. Consider leveraging taponn’s smart business cards to help share information with a single tap. Focusing on quality rather than quantity of conversations and being present in the moment can make conversations more meaningful and memorable.


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