How TapOnn Helped E42 in Increasing Customer Engagement by 35%

How TapOnn Helped E42 in Increasing Customer Engagement by 35%

E42, a leading AI-powered professional services company, knows this struggle. Attending and hosting numerous events throughout the year, they felt stuck in a cycle of logistical headaches and a lack of actionable insights. Tracking results, facilitating seamless information sharing, and measuring employee performance at events all posed significant challenges.

The Challenges of E42

E42's core focus is building impactful experiences for their clients and employees at events. But traditional methods were falling short. Some of the major challenges they were facing included:

Paper Badges

The paper badges created unnecessary waste, required frequent printing (adding to costs), and often got lost or damaged throughout the event. This not only impacted the overall look and feel of the event but also made attendee identification cumbersome.

Limited Information Sharing

Traditionally, sharing event information relied on bulky brochures and handouts. These materials are easily misplaced or forgotten, leading to attendees missing important details.

Difficult Employee Engagement Tracking

It was difficult to track how many employees engaged in the event and how many connections did they actually make during the event.

What TapOnn Offered?

E42 discovered TapOnn, an NFC-enabled networking platform, that transformed their event experience. TapOnn's solution went beyond the ordinary badge, offering a trifecta of functionality:

Dual Tech Cards

TapOnn replaced outdated paper badges with digital business cards with dual technology. This is a smart card with RFID and NFC technology which helped E24 to mark attendance of employees and track the connections made by them. With a simple tap, attendees could exchange contact information and access detailed profiles. This fostered effortless networking and connection building.

Dual tech card of TapOnn

TapOnn Teams’ Dashboard

The dashboard of TapOnn Teams allowed E24 to monitor the performance of their employees. With the help of a dashboard, E24 was able to check the digital profile of their employees and also leads generated by each employee.

Dashboard of TapOnn Teams

Impact of TapOnn

The impact of TapOnn on E42 was profound. It revolutionised E42's events, transforming them from logistical headaches into data-driven successes.E42 finally gained the ability to:

Track Results

TapOnn's insightful dashboard provided valuable data on leads generation by each employee, which helped E24 to track the number of leads generated in the event and the details of leads in a systematic manner, to finally determine the success rate of organising the event.

Seamless Information Sharing

TapOnn facilitated the effortless sharing of event materials, presentations, and speaker information, ensuring everyone had access to the latest updates.

Monitor Employee Performance

Employees of E24 were carrying TapOnn’s digital business cards for smart networking. So, everytime they connect with someone, E24 can check the new lead generated on the TapOnn Team’s dashboard. This helped the company to track the number of leads generated by each employee during any event.

Grow with TapOnn

E42's experience is a testament to the power of TapOnn. If you're looking to transform your events from logistical nightmares to success stories, TapOnn is the answer.

Ready to take your events to the next level?

Visit our website today and see how TapOnn can help!

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