How iPhone Garage Boosted Sales and Loyalty with TapOnn’s Smart Products

How iPhone Garage Boosted Sales and Loyalty with TapOnn’s Smart Products

While the pandemic period slowed down India’s economy, the post-pandemic period led to a boom in the economy, especially in the mobile accessory market. But this economic growth in industry brought fierce competition, and iPhone Garage, a new player in the mobile accessory market, found itself struggling. Despite high-quality products, customer acquisition and engagement remained hurdles. That’s where TapOnn helped iPhone Garage to overcome these challenges and achieve remarkable results.

Challenges Faced by iPhone Garage

Following are the challenges faced by the iPhone Garage before collaborating with TapOnn:

Newcomer Struggles

Being a new business, iPhone Garage lacked credibility and market presence. This translated to fewer customer visits and lower sales compared to established competitors.

Ineffective Partnerships

Previous marketing efforts hadn't yielded desired results. For instance, their prior marketing strategy resulted in a low conversion rate.

Customer Support Woes

Inefficient customer support hampered customer satisfaction. This led to a high customer churn rate (percentage of customers who stop doing business with you), indicating a need for improvement in the customer experience.

Goals of iPhone Garage

The main objective of iPhone Garage was to accomplish following goals:

Effortless Growth

iPhone Garage wanted a platform that was easy for both their staff and customers to learn and use. This would minimise training time for staff and ensure a smooth customer experience, leading to faster adoption and quicker results.

Engaged Customers

By increasing customer engagement, iPhone Garage aimed to build stronger relationships with their customers. This involved encouraging repeat purchases through targeted promotions or loyalty programs accessible through the chosen platform.

Building a Community

Expanding their WhatsApp community provided a more personal way to connect with customers. This allowed for real-time communication, sharing product updates, special offers, and fostering a sense of community around the iPhone Garage brand.

TapOnn’s Solution for iPhone Garage

Now see the solutions provided by TapOnn to iPhone garage to meet their goals:

Smart Standee

TapOnn's smart standee provided a convenient way for customers to leave positive reviews with a simple tap or scan. This increased the volume of reviews, fostering trust and credibility for iPhone Garage among potential customers who rely on online reviews before making a purchase (+28% New Followers indicates potential customers discovering the brand through positive reviews).

Smart Standee of TapOnn

Link-in-Bio Feature

Leveraging TapOnn's Link-in-Bio feature, iPhone Garage amplified online accessibility by integrating the link across various platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp. This integration not only simplified contact saving for online audiences but also drove foot traffic to the physical store, bridging the gap between virtual and brick-and-mortar presence & increased conversion rate.

Link-in-Bio feature of TapOnn

Show Insights

TapOnn's data-driven insights empowered iPhone Garage to make informed marketing decisions. By analysing which platforms received the most taps and engagement through the TapOnn system, iPhone Garage could understand their customer behaviour. This enabled them to tailor their marketing efforts to the most effective channels, creating content and promotions that resonated with their audience and led to better engagement.

Track Insights of your Networking with TapOnn

Direct Google Review Sticker

This simple sticker made a big difference for iPhone Garage. The sticker provided a quick and easy way for satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on Google. This streamlined the review process and encouraged more customers to leave feedback, ultimately leading to an increase in Google reviews, a crucial factor for online reputation.

Google Review Direct NFC Sticker of TapOnn

Impact of TapOnn’s Solution

The implementation of TapOnn's solutions yielded tangible outcomes for iPhone Garage:

  • Enhanced trust-building among customers, bolstering the company's credibility and market presence.
  • Increased Google reviews and social media presence, resulting in heightened brand visibility and engagement.
  • Overall, a significant boost in revenue and customer retention, showcasing the efficacy of TapOnn's diverse service offerings.

iPhone Garage's success story exemplifies the power of innovative solutions. TapOnn empowers businesses to navigate today's competitive landscape with tailored strategies that drive growth. Explore TapOnn's comprehensive services and embark on a journey towards greater visibility, engagement, and profitability.

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