How ICP leveraged Lead Management with TapOnn: A Comprehensive Success Story

How ICP leveraged  Lead Management with TapOnn: A Comprehensive Success Story

In the competitive business environment, managing leads efficiently is paramount to success. Every interaction with a potential customer is an opportunity, and maximising these opportunities requires a strong lead management system. In this blog post, we delve into the success story of ICP and how they leveraged TapOnn to revolutionise their lead management process.

Why is Lead Management Difficult?

Lead management is a balancing act - getting enough leads while making sure they're interested, and then following up quickly and guiding them through the sales process efficiently. And the most difficult part is that leads are human beings, who have their own opinionated choice which may change during any process of lead management. The challenge here is to keep the lead reminding about the benefits they are receiving from time to time. Before adopting TapOnn, even ICP faced numerous challenges in managing their leads effectively. Their previous system was fragmented, with leads scattered across various platforms and communication channels. This lack of centralised management led to missed opportunities, duplicated efforts, Manual data entry and ultimately, a loss in potential revenue. Here are few specific challenges:

Scattered Data

Leads collected were scattered across different channels, making it difficult to track their progress and measure campaign effectiveness. Manual Processes The lead nurturing process was time-consuming and prone to errors due to manual data entry. Limited Visibility ICP lacked a centralised system to monitor lead activity and identify potential roadblocks in the sales funnel.

What TapOnn Offered?

TapOnn Team’s lead management solution provided ICP with a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline their lead capture, nurturing, and conversion processes. Here's a breakdown of how TapOnn helped: Centralised Dashboard ICP gained access to a user-friendly dashboard that provided real-time insights into lead activity. You can connect and manage all your leads and connections on a single TapOnn Team dashboard itself. 

Dashboard of TapOnn Teams

Automated Workflows

TapOnn helps in automating workflow by segmenting all the leads at one place. So, it becomes easy for the CRM team to quickly reach out and take follow ups and feedback from new connections.

Automate your workflow with TapOnn Teams


Insights of Your Team

TapOnn's dashboard allows ICP to get insights of their team members’ performance. Metric measures like tap through rate, link taps, profile taps, lead generated, etc. allows you to analyse your team’s performance. This visibility also allows you to identify bottlenecks that may hamper the rate at which your team members are making connections.

Get insights of leads with TapOnn Teams


Lead Capture Form

The lead capture of TapOnn teams allowed ICP to share a lead form as soon as its profile is shared through the tap. This feature ensures two-way communication and is helpful in generating leads much more faster.

 Capture leads with Lead Capture Form


Integration with Smart Cards

TapOnn allowed ICP to integrate their NFC enabled smart business card with the TapOnn Teams profile so that each lead and connections generated through smart card can directly be added on the dashboard to track efficiency and get better analysis.

             Integrate dashboard with Smart Card


Benefits of using TapOnn Teams

By leveraging TapOnn's lead management solution, ICP you can achieve significant improvements in your sales pipeline:

Increased Lead Capture

TapOnn's smart cards replaced lengthy forms. Leads simply tapped their cards on a designated reader, streamlining the process and encouraging more people to participate at events, trade shows, or conferences.Smart cards capture lead information electronically, ensuring accurate and complete data for ICP's sales and marketing teams.

Improved Conversion Rates

TapOnn's automated workflows eliminated the need for manual lead nurturing tasks. Leads were automatically segmented based on their interests and behaviour, ensuring they received targeted communication. Automated emails and follow-up messages were tailored to each lead's specific needs and interests. This personalised approach fostered stronger relationships and increased the likelihood of conversion.

Enhanced Visibility

The dashboard provided ICP with a real-time view of their entire sales pipeline. They could track the progress of each lead, identify bottlenecks, and adjust their strategy accordingly. The centralised dashboard also offered valuable data visualisation tools. ICP could analyse lead sources, conversion rates, and sales team performance, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to optimise their sales pipeline.

New Era of Lead Management

ICP's success story demonstrates the transformative power of TapOnn's lead management solution. By leveraging TapOnn's smart cards, centralised dashboard, and expert support, ICP streamlined their lead capture process, nurtured leads more effectively, and achieved significant improvements in their sales pipeline. In doing so, they not only improved their conversion rates but also laid the foundation for sustainable growth in the long term. As businesses continue to navigate an increasingly competitive landscape, TapOnn stands out as a valuable ally in the quest for success.

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