How Evolution Workshop Increased Attendees with TapOnn

How Evolution Workshop Increased Attendees with TapOnn

The Ministry of Science and Technology in Delhi organised the Evolution Workshop, a gathering designed to foster innovation and collaboration within the scientific community. But before the ideas could flow, the organisers faced some logistical hurdles.

Challenges of Traditional Workshop Model

The Evolution Workshop, designed to spark innovation and collaboration within India's scientific community, faced some roadblocks due to the traditional workshop model's reliance on paper. Here's how:

Printing and Distributing Challenges

Creating and distributing paper schedules for multi-day events is a time-consuming and resource-intensive task.This process is not only time-consuming for organisers, but is also expensive. Plus, there's always the risk of running out of copies or attendees losing their paper schedules, leading to confusion and missed sessions.

Multiple PDFs and Uneven Information

Workshops often involve multiple sessions with their own handouts. Paper-based distribution led to confusion and attendees missing important details. Uneven distribution also occurred when some attendees forget to download the materials or have trouble accessing them.

Paper Waste

The reliance on paper schedules, handouts, and business cards created a significant amount of waste. It's not environmentally friendly and was a hassle for attendees to manage and dispose of.

Networking Challenges

Swapping paper business cards felt outdated and impersonal. The process itself was awkward, especially for introverts or first-time attendees. Plus, keeping track of a stack of business cards can be difficult, and chances are some valuable connections get lost in the shuffle.

How TapOnn helped in conducting the Workshop?

What TapOnn Offered?

Through smart networking itself, TapOnn got an opportunity to serve for the Evolution Workshop organised by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Keeping in mind the challenges faced by Ministry, TapOnn provided following solutions to those challenges:

TapOnn QR Code for Easy Access

QR codes were placed on each table allowing attendees to access the workshop schedule, speaker information, and all relevant materials with a simple scan. This ensured everyone had the information they needed at their fingertips.

QR code for easy scan

TapOnn Smart Card for Seamless Networking

TapOnn provided attendees with a TapOnn’s digital business card to exchange contact & social information effortlessly. A simple tap exchanged digital profiles, fostering digital connections and eliminating the need for paper business cards.

Smart card for networking

Tailored Digital Profiles

With TapOnn attendees were able to create their digital profiles for showcasing their background, expertise, and contact information. This encouraged paperless networking among the users & overall created a professional digital presence.

Customised digital profiles for attendees of event

Impact of Collaboration with TapOnn

The workshop aimed to foster innovation and collaboration within the scientific community. But traditional paper-based methods were hindering these goals. Here's how TapOnn's solutions addressed the challenges and empowered the workshop to achieve its objectives:

Enhanced Efficiency

TapOnn eliminated the time-consuming task of creating and distributing paper schedules. Organisers could easily update the digital schedule in real-time, ensuring everyone had access to the latest information. This freed up valuable time and resources for them to focus on other aspects of the workshop.

Improved Information Access

With TapOnn, attendees no longer needed to juggle multiple PDFs or worry about missing handouts. Everyone had access to a centralised repository of information through TapOnn QR codes placed conveniently around the venue. A simple scan provided instant access to the workshop schedule, speaker bios, session materials, and all relevant documents. This ensured everyone was on the same page and had the information they needed to participate fully.

Promoted sustainability

By eliminating paper schedules, handouts, and business cards, TapOnn significantly reduced the environmental impact of the workshop. This aligned with the values of the scientific community and created a more sustainable event.

Connect with TapOnn

The Evolution Workshop participants overwhelmingly praised the TapOnn solution. Attendees appreciated the ease of access to information, the streamlined networking experience, and the environmentally friendly approach.

TapOnn transformed the Evolution Workshop from a paper-heavy event to a digital one, promoting efficiency, sustainability, and a more connected scientific community. See how TapOnn can transform your next event. Visit our website to learn more about this business networking tool.

Let TapOnn bridge the gap between traditional methods and the future of workshops. Embrace innovation and create a more connected, efficient, and sustainable event today!

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