Elevate Your Networking Game: 7 Ways To Use TapOnn

Elevate Your Networking Game: 7 Ways To Use TapOnn

Networking isn't just about who you know; it's about who knows you.

In a world driven by connections and relationships, your ability to network effectively can be the key to unlocking opportunities and propelling your career or business forward. But in today's digital age, networking has evolved, and so must we. That's where TapOnn comes in.


TapOnn is a smart tech company that integrates online & offline networking  These products allow you to share your digital profile with others with a simple tap to expand your network.

This blog highlights seven ways TapOnn empowers you to take the reins of your networking journey. So, whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or anyone in between, get ready to discover how TapOnn can help you supercharge your networking efforts.

How to Use TapOnn?

Here are the seven ways you can use TapOnn to expand your network:

Make your digital presence

Today, all our work is online. Some of you may have an Instagram page, website, a profile on behance, youtube channel. We all have an online presence, not only in our professional workplace, but also at a personal level right? 


But isn’t it a hassle for you to share multiple profile links to multiple clients at various times? There’s a solution which ensures you can have your complete information at one place. Checkout this TapOnn app. Which lets you share your complete profile in just one click. 


Create your customized profile link & share it easily for smooth networking with TapOnn’s smart application. You can even connect smartly offline With TapOnn’s NFC enabled smart cards, which helps you to easily Tap, share & connect.

How to set up your profile?

Step 1: Download the application of TapOnn.

Step 2: Create your account. Add an image to your profile to make it more visually appealing.

Step 3: Add your contact information, social media, and other relevant information to your profile.

Step 4: Customize your Profile link.
Set up your digital profile on TapOnn

Expand your online network

Living in a physical world, have you ever faced difficulty to manage your online connections along with your offline network?


If yes, then you can bridge the gap between your offline presence and online interactions by allowing you to connect with people you meet in various online spaces seamlessly. Whether it's at a virtual conference, on LinkedIn, connecting message on whatsapp, through email, or any other platform. 

Simply share your customised TapOnn profile link with others You can also add this link in your Instagram , LinkedIn bio to expand your online network.
You can also attend online events and webinars and connect with other attendees using TapOnn.

Connect with offline network

When attending a networking event, whether in person or online, making a lasting first impression is crucial. In the digital age, connecting with an online network can be just as important as face-to-face interactions.With TapOnn's NFC-enabled smart cards, you can effortlessly connect with people you meet in the physical world.


To do this, simply tap your TapOnn smart business card on recipient’s smart phone. Connect instantly with people you meet at events, conferences, and other gatherings. Also, If you receive anyone’s paper business card, you can easily scan it & the details will automatically get saved in TapOnn’s app connection. This will create a digital copy of the business card, which you can then save to your TapOnn profile.


This modern twist on exchanging information makes you memorable and ensures that you never miss out on any leads. Plus, it's eco-friendly, reducing the need for printing and paper waste and making it sustainable for the economy.

Track insights of your connections

A study by the Harvard Business Review found that salespeople who are personalized in their approach are 50% more likely to close a deal.


Not only in sales, but even in networking, tailored approach and messaging can help you to identify opportunities to collaborate with your connections or promote your product or service. 


TapOnn provides you insights into your connections' interests and preferences. It tracks the data when the card is tapped on another smartphone when your customized profile link is clicked or when the QR code is scanned by someone. Then, it provides you with analytics about which parts of your profile they found most engaging. Now since you know your connections’ interests and needs, you can build stronger relationships with them & make better decisions.

To track what your connections are interested in, simply go to your TapOnn profile and click on the ‘Insights’ tab. Here, you can see what your connections have been visiting on your profile and what they have been sharing on social media.

Insight tab to track your connections

This information is gold for tailoring your follow-up conversations. Making your encounters more meaningful and pertinent, you can bring up particular subjects or abilities that caught their attention. It's like having a personal assistant that helps you understand what matters most to your contacts.

Export bulk connections in one place

Managing a growing network can be challenging, especially if you're juggling various platforms and contact lists. TapOnn simplifies this by allowing you to store and organize all your connections in one place.


Not only can you view and access your connections from the TapOnn app, but you can also export them to your preferred contact management system. This ensures you that your network remains organized and easily accessible, no matter how extensive it becomes.

Manage and export your connections

Scan paper business cards

Even if you find a paper business card, you can easily scan it using TapOnn’s application. Moreover, you can suggest they use hassle-free smart business cards in place of paper cards. In fact, TapOnn offers a handy solution for digitizing the information on traditional business cards.


To scan a paper business card, simply open the TapOnn app on your smartphone and tap the "connections" button. Click on the top right icon.  Then, place the Paper business card & scan it. TapOnn will then automatically scan the business card

Scan a paper business card with TapOnn’s QR code

This helps you reduce clutter and ensures that you have all your contacts in one place, making it easier to manage and reach out to them when needed.

Use QR Code and Smart Standee

One of the significant goals of customers is to make effective engagement with customers, especially in the retail industry, where there is cutthroat competition and low product differentiation. To stand out in this competition, effectively promoting your digital profile is essential. One fantastic way to do this is by printing TapOnn’s QR code on your traditional business cards. When scanned by others, the QR code will lead them directly to your TapOnn digital profile, making it easy for them to connect with you. With QR code technology, you can enable contactless ordering, provide instant product information, and promote discounts and loyalty programs. This enhances the customer experience and contributes to a safer shopping environment. 

The TapOnn smart standee is a digital display that can be used to showcase products and services in a retail setting. The standee is equipped with NFC technology, so customers can simply tap their TapOnn card or coin on the standee to learn more about the product or service they are interested in. The TapOnn smart standee can be displayed at events, in your office, or wherever you meet people, inviting them to engage with your TapOnn profile. This can be a great way to provide customers with more information about your products and services without having to rely on sales staff.

Customize your Smart Standee

Boost Your Network 

Start with something like -  how networking can open opportunities & that’s why it is important to boost your network.

Networking is a journey; the more you engage with it, the more you'll discover the doors it can unlock. In an era where connections and collaborations are key, investing time and effort in elevating your networking game is a strategic move. 

If you're looking for a way to network more effectively, TapOnn is the perfect solution. TapOnn is a powerful tool that can help you elevate your networking game. It makes it easy to connect with people quickly and easily, make a good impression, and stay connected. 


From setting up your digital profile to expanding your online and offline networks effortlessly, TapOnn enables you to navigate the intricate web of connections with ease and grace. The ability to track your connections' interests, manage bulk contacts, and digitize paper business cards offers a level of organization and insight that was once unimaginable.


Networking isn't just about accumulating contacts; it's about fostering relationships that lead to meaningful collaborations and opportunities. With TapOnn, you're not just networking; you're building a digital ecosystem that empowers you to make connections that matter.


Always remember that - YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NETWOR(K)TH

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