The Ultimate Guide to Smart Business Cards in 2023

Guide to Smart Cards

What Are Smart Cards and How Do They Work?

A smart card, also known as a chip card or an integrated circuit card is a physical electronic device that has integrated circuits and microprocessors used for data accessing, data manipulation, or data sharing.

The chip of the card comes in contact with the card reader either directly or indirectly and establishes an electronic interface that allows the desired function as embedded in the integrated circuit.

Smart Card Market and Relevant Industries

Smart Cards are the one IT innovation that has now become an irreplaceable asset for every industry.  metro access cards, employee ID cards, medical record cards, and most importantly debit cards, credit cards, and ATM cards.

While Smart Cards were already gaining popularity in the market due to their ease and innovation, the rise of Covid-19 skyrocketed their growth making contactless communication not a benefit but an essential.

A recent report by Markets and Markets states that the Smart Card market is estimated to reach $16.9 billion USD by 2026.

Factors such as contactless sharing, control access, multifunctionality, and flexibility, have resulted in increased demand in every industry with BFSI, healthcare, and transportation being a few among many. 

But what about businesses? How can a business benefit from a smart card?

The answer to these questions is the most recent breakthrough innovation in the field of smart cards - Smart Business Cards

What is a Smart Business Card?

These Smart Cards allow the instant sharing of information with the help of Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology.

With just one tap, these digital cards let you share your personal/business’ contact information including your business website, social media profiles, portfolio, work links, and other relevant information with just one tap.

This technology helps you grow your network exponentially by fostering instant connections. 

TapOnn Smart Business Cards

TapOnn is a platform that helps you get rid of the age-old paper cards and provides smart NFC-powered business products, designed to make it easy for you to build connections and expand your network.

With the help of TapOnn’s smart business products like cards and smart coins, businesses can leave a mark and share all the necessary details with their potential customers in just one tap.

Why Choose TapOnn?

No app needed - yes you heard it right. Save your time, you don’t need to download another app to use our card. A tap on the back of the receiver’s phone and the job is done.

Eco Friendly - it is a metal card and thus reusable. You don’t need to go around feeling guilty for littering the planet with yet another paper card.

Easy To Update- Changed your phone no.? Don’t work at the same place anymore? Left your corporate job and became an entrepreneur? You can mention and change your personal information easily with the help of TapOnn’s mobile application.

For a long time now smart cards have been revolutionizing different industries by introducing ease and innovation.

It is your chance to introduce TapOnn’s smart business cards to your business to grow the dream-like network that’ll take your business to the greatest heights.

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