5x Your Hospitality Business Using These

5x Your Hospitality Business Using These

Are you running a hotel, restaurant, hostel, or any other hospitality business? 

If yes, then you have landed at the right place.

In this competitive world of hospitality, standing out is the key to success. But creating a memorable and positive experience for guests is the most challenging task, especially when the taste and choices of each customer varies from other. Are you also worried about how to take your service to the next level? In this blog, we will explore five hacks which will help you to improve your guest experience, boost engagement, and ultimately drive more bookings.

How is the hospitality business different?

The hospitality industry is all about providing services that cater to travellers and visitors. It's a broad sector encompassing various businesses that focus on making guests feel welcome, comfortable, and entertained during their stay. Here's what sets hospitality businesses apart:

Focuses on guest experience

Unlike businesses that sell physical products, hospitality is all about creating a positive and memorable experience for the customer. This experience goes beyond just the core service (like a hotel room) and includes everything from friendly staff interactions to a clean and inviting environment.

Intangible Service

The core product of a hospitality business is intangible. You can't hold a room service meal in your hand or take ownership of a relaxing spa treatment.  The value comes from the overall experience and the way it makes the guest feel.

Emotional Connection

Hospitality businesses aim to build an emotional connection with their guests. They want guests to feel at ease, pampered, or even like they're part of a community during their stay.  This emotional connection can lead to stronger brand loyalty and repeat business.

How to Grow Your Hospitality Business?

Follow these five ways to grow your business and create seamless experience for your customers:

Eye Catching Smart Standee for Counter

The TapOnn’s smart standee aren't just visually appealing, they're functional too.  Imagine showcasing local attractions or upcoming events with engaging visuals and QR codes.  Guests can easily access more information, book tours, or even leave reviews with a quick scan.

 How to use Smart Standee?

This results into following advantages:

Increased Guest Engagement

Standees spark curiosity and encourage guests to explore what your business and the surrounding area have to offer.

Boost Local Revenue

It promotes tours, events, or partnerships with local businesses, generating additional income streams.

Valuable Guest Feedback

Built-in QR codes for reviews allow guests to easily share their experiences, helping you improve your services.

Table Stickers for Menu

Want to showcase your local attractions or share upcoming events? Counter standees are a fantastic way to grab attention. TapOnn's smart standees are more than just displays; they're interactive!  Guests can use their smartphones to scan QR codes and access information, book tours, or even leave reviews – all at their fingertips.

 Use TapOnn’s table stickers

Here are few benefits of using TapOnn’s table stickers:

Increased efficiency and cost saving

Digital menus can be easily modified online, eliminating the need for frequent reprints, saving on printing costs and reducing paper waste. Guests can directly access the menu on their phones, potentially submit orders electronically (depending on your system), reducing wait times and improving service efficiency.

Upselling opportunities

Digital menus can include high-quality images of dishes, potentially enticing guests to try new items and increasing revenue.

Data collection and analysis

By tracking menu item selections through the digital platform, you can gain valuable insights into guest preferences and optimise your menu offerings.

Smart Coins for Hostels

Long lines at reception are a thing of the past with TapOnn's smart coins.  These tokens allow hostel guests to check-in, unlock doors, and access laundry facilities with a simple tap.  This not only streamlines the process for guests but frees up valuable staff time for more personalised interactions.


Tap on a coin and make connections

Smart Card for Personal Networking

Help your guests connect and create lasting memories by offering TapOnn smart cards.  These versatile cards can serve as a digital business card, allowing guests to easily share contact information with each other. 

Guests can simply tap their Smart Cards together to exchange contact information. This eliminates the need for manual entry or exchanging paper business cards, promoting a smoother and more streamlined process. Smart Cards act as digital business cards, allowing guests to connect on various platforms like social media or messaging apps. This fosters a sense of community and encourages guests to stay in touch after their stay, potentially leading to future interactions and recommendations.

Just tap cards and expand your personal network

Google Review Stickers and Cards

Positive online reviews are gold in the hospitality industry. TapOnn's Google Review Stickers and Cards make it easier than ever for guests to leave glowing feedback.  With a simple scan, they can be directed straight to your review page, increasing your visibility and credibility.

 TapOnn’s Google review cards and stickers

Here is how these cards will help you:

Simplified review process

 Printed stickers and cards enable users to open the review page by a tap with their smartphones. Scanning the code instantly directs guests to your dedicated Google My Business review page. By eliminating the need to manually search for your review page, TapOnn removes a barrier and encourages guests to leave feedback.

Increased review frequency

The ease of scanning a QR code compared to manually searching online significantly increases the likelihood of guests leaving reviews. Seeing the stickers and cards serves as a constant reminder to guests that their feedback is valued.

Enhanced credibility

A higher volume of reviews, particularly positive ones, showcases your business's commitment to guest satisfaction and builds trust with potential customers. Google prioritises businesses with more reviews in search results, increasing your online visibility.

Become a Business Pro

By incorporating these suggestions into your hospitality business strategy and leveraging TapOnn products, you can elevate the guest experience, increase your operational efficiency, and ultimately drive revenue growth. If you want to explore more smart products, visit the online store of TapOnn. Remember, it’s the small upgrades in your business that leaves a long lasting impression in the mind of customers.

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